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Our Rolex History Our Rolex History

The Sheiban Jewelers Difference

Our Rolex History

Throughout our illustrious history, Sheiban Jewelers has been deeply intertwined with the prestigious Rolex brand. As a trusted and authorized Rolex retailer, we have proudly upheld the highest standards of quality and service for decades. Our rich heritage and long-standing partnership with Rolex are a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and our passion for delivering exceptional timepieces to our valued clients.

A Legacy Takes Flight

A Legacy Takes Flight

Born in Lebanon, Tony Sheiban's journey into the world of jewelry began in his homeland, where he was immersed in the art of jewelry manufacturing under the watchful eye of his father, a master jeweler. His father's expertise and guidance not only imparted invaluable skills to Tony but also instilled in him a profound appreciation for the craft of jewelry manufacturing.

In addition to his training under his father, Tony's spare time was devoted to learning from a local watchmaker who, as fate would have it, would later become his future father-in-law. This experience not only deepened his knowledge and skills in horology but also complemented his existing passion for jewelry. The combination of his fascination with watches and his expertise in jewelry would go on to play a significant role in shaping his remarkable legacy and future endeavors.

In 1973, fueled by a desire for greater opportunities, Tony made the life-changing decision to immigrate to the United States with only the tools of his craft and the rich traditions and artistry he had inherited. With determination and an entrepreneurial spirit, Tony settled in Cleveland, Ohio setting the stage for the birth of Sheiban Jewelers and the unfolding of his remarkable legacy.

From Dream to Reality

From Dream to Reality

Driven by his passion for jewelry manufacturing and his genuine love for working with people, Tony Sheiban founded Sheiban Jewelers in 1975. Situated in downtown Cleveland, this inaugural retail store served as a showcase for Tony's remarkable jewelry craftsmanship, captivating jewelry enthusiasts with his exquisite designs and unwavering commitment to quality.

This strategic move marked the beginning of his journey to offer personalized and memorable experiences to all those who stepped into Sheiban Jewelers. The success of his downtown Cleveland store was a testament to his dedication to craftsmanship and his genuine love for working with people.

With the momentum of his thriving business, Tony relocated Sheiban Jewelers to the vibrant suburban community of Strongsville, Ohio in 1976. Supported by a larger and more accessible showroom, Tony introduced a curated selection of Swiss watches, accompanied by a dedicated watch service area. This step further solidified Sheiban Jewelers as a beloved destination for jewelry connoisseurs and watch enthusiasts.

Expansion and a Royal Partnership

Expansion and a Royal Partnership

In 2000, Sheiban Jewelers marked a monumental moment in its history with the grand opening of its flagship showroom located in Strongsville, Ohio. This expansion represented a significant step forward in achieving Tony Sheiban’s vision of creating an extraordinary destination for fine jewelry and the world’s finest timepieces.

In 2001, Sheiban Jewelers achieved a significant milestone by forging a prestigious partnership with Rolex, becoming an Official Rolex Jeweler. This partnership exemplifies Sheiban Jewelers’ unwavering dedication to excellence and the commitment to offering clients access to the pinnacle of luxury timepieces.

The Next Generation

The Next Generation

From a young age, Chris and Jason Sheiban were introduced to the art of jewelry making and the intricate craftsmanship of Swiss watches under the nurturing guidance of their father. Childhood summers were spent in Lebanon, increasing their knowledge of jewelry manufacturing and learning the fine art of watchmaking and horology with their grandfather. Following high school, Chris and Jason continued their education, acquiring diplomas in business, gemology, jewelry arts and jewelry manufacturing.

Upon graduating, Jason and Chris brought their expertise and fresh perspectives to the family business. They seamlessly integrated their knowledge of gemology and their passion for the Swiss watch industry, further elevating the customer experience at Sheiban Jewelers.

With both generations working side by side, in 2015 the Sheiban family renovated and expanded the Strongsville flagship showroom. This new showroom introduced a classic yet bold design featuring private viewing rooms for both jewelry and watches, a large watchmaking room, and a Rolex dedicated build out, creating an open yet luxurious atmosphere.

Additionally, their commitment to excellence led them to establish the Rolex Authorized Service Center in 2016, a testament to their dedication to serving the needs of Rolex enthusiasts and ensuring the highest level of service and care for their cherished timepieces.

Today, under Chris and Jason's leadership, Sheiban Jewelers continues to thrive, combining the family's rich heritage, their own passion for the craft, and a commitment to delivering exceptional jewelry and horological experiences to their clientele.